I don't know who Ulyana Sergeenko is necessarily. Style.com says she was a couture collector and someone who was photographed a lot for her street style. But I don't really care. I loved her couture collection so so so very much. It made me feel like I was watching an old Hollywood film about fashion, like maybe Cover Girl. I mean, they look like something Edith Head created. I loved the make up. I loved the hats. I loved the styling. Maybe most don't know that some of first couture makers in Paris were from Russia. They fled and started working in Paris. This is why you see a lot of designers use those old Russian techniques and styles, colors and stitches in their collections. I was given a really amazing book about it all, and I don't know what I did with it. I'll have to find out what it is and re-order it. On a side note, Jessica Stam looks like a different woman with black hair, a really hot woman still, but different. 

Anyway, take a look. You might not like it, but I love this kind of fashion. Where it's not all overly sexy and it's filled with the right touches. ♡

i love old prarie-style or saloon-style dresses. i own a really gorgeous vintage one that i bought in a thrift store in new york 10 years ago.

so cute. maybe not wearable. but fashion and glamour nonetheless

that touch of mink

oh i love this so much. little gaultier...perhaps?

russian ballerina

ulyana is really cute, too. love her whole outfit.

more thursday ♥ keith haring wedges

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