I had no idea this new foundation by Revlon was even out until I watched a YouTube review of it. It's called COLORSTAY WHIPPED CREME MAKEUP...and it is amazing. I have to say that this feels EXPENSIVE. I just cannot say enough how impressed I am with this and how excited I am that it even exists at your local drugstore! I'm even torn because even though I have been loving my Skin 79 BB Creams, I think this might might might be even better. 

First, the packaging.  A lot of reviewers have said they dislike the packaging which I don't understand. If a company puts their stuff in a tiny plastic thing, everyone says it's cheap. This feels vintage with its very thick glass pot. I guess some of the reviews say it's deceiving because it looks like there is more when it's only .8 ounces (23.7 ml). But HELLO....use your brain, people! IT'S DENSE AND WHIPPED. A tiny dab on the tip of your finger goes a long way. And it's pretty much the exact size of the regular Revlon Colorstay foundations which are 1 ounce bottles. I LOVE this packaging. It feels like a really expensive brand. And I tend to use these kinds of glass pots after the product is all gone...unlike plastic things that get tossed off. This packaging is excellent. It's definitely ONE of my favorite things about the makeup. 

 The feel is rich and thick and glides on like a primer almost....smoooooooothly. The coverage is excellent and it lasts all day. Says 24 hours, but I take mine off at the end of the day. My face looks pretty flawless all day long with this stuff, even though I have a lot of issues with my skin...visible issues. :) Another great thing is this can be used when you're taking pictures because there is no SPF. I use a couple of products prior (moisturizer and serum) that both have SPF, so I'm fine. But I like that I can use my BB creams when I'm not getting pics taken and I can use this when I know cameras will be around. (That really sounds really strange...but you know...if you go to a party and people are shooting little pics on their phones.) 

Another thing the reviewers were saying is that they couldn't figure out their colors. I thought that really odd, too. I just got the same color I have in my regular Revlon Colorstay which is Sand Beige. I have lighter olive skin tone with a teeny bit more red on my nose. And it matches perfectly. 

This is my new favorite foundation. It's so loved that I'm sort of treating it like my Chanel and Nars foundations...but then I remind myself that it's cheap in comparison and I can use it whenever I want! Only around $14 at CVS (and then you get more reward $$$ to use on other products!). So far, no breakouts, no irritation, no wearing off. Just happiness and whipped creme! ♡

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