This isn't from the new/current shows...it's something I had meant to post a while ago and forgot about it. But it is gorgeous. It's the backstage vid' of the make up and accessories for the Dior Spring Summer 2011 collection. I think Pat McGrath is the head makeup lady here (again!). I remember Dior make up being huge as a brand way back when I was in high school. I was a solid fan of their Holiday Red lipstick and Dior mascara. The packaging was gold and midnight blue. I also used to wear Miss Dior and Diorissimo fragrances as a teen, too. Then I lost touch with the brand as far as cosmetics goes and lingered more in the YSL range and others which led me to what I love now (Becca....part 2 coming soon of my review...see part 1 here). But lately all I really want to do is buy the Dior cosmetics and skincare products as they sound like they are of the highest quality (better than Chanel...sorry, but that's how I feel) and to-die-for glamor packaging. I need an extra gig to afford an entire lot of the stuff, though, because it's very expensive. And so I wanted to show this vid because it's a good overview of what you can expect from Dior as a cosmetics brand...and what you can do.♡

my high school favorite...Dior Holiday Red lipstick. i don't even know if they still make this shade.

more makeup monday ♥

images are my own screenshots of the vid.

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