Okay...from the moment I heard about the Japanese cosmetics brand DOLLY WINK, I was hooked. This is the kind of brand and marketing of a brand that I go ape over. Just so well done and fun. The product reviews I've seen are really good....they've targeted those Gyaru girls to the bone and made very good product that does what it says and what they want. The packaging and website and models, et al, are all amazing and I love it. I just hope I get to work on another fun brand like this in the very near future. I would LOVE to work on a cosmetics or hair brand, and I might just get my chance (maybe you guys can send some good vibes I get this job I interviewed for!). I heard they carry Dolly Wink at Sephora now, but it sounds like it might be even more expensive than it is in Japan. It's not a cheap drugstore brand...but it's not YSL prices either. In addition to some of the product and marketing of the product, my favorite YouTube Gyaru PiinkStrawberii has a review of them. Just look at her...she is the epitome of a Gyaru. :) I'll do a review as soon as I get some of it in my hands...but that won't be right now because I need to find a home and a gig so I make a new home sweet home for my new puppy Lotte, whom I love love love. Anyway, check it out and if you have tried product, please leave a comment on what you tried and how you liked it and how much you paid for it/them. ;) ♡

they have 101 lash styles with the cutest names. i want everything...maybe not the eyelashes. but the compacts and makeup!

a case for your faux lashes!

more makeup monday ♥ 4ever loving bowie

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