This is the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Alexandre Herchcovitch, one of my all-time favorite designers and favorite shows to attend. He's never gotten way up there like I think he deserves to be. I mean, for me, he's up there with Marc Jacobs. I've never seen one collection that wasn't original or ugly or weird or not well thought out. I absolutely love everything he does and how he thinks and also how he presents his wares/wears. When I lived in New York, his shows were some of the most beautiful I had ever seen. I know they all look great in video, but they don't all look so great when you're sitting there in the first or second or sixth row. Trust me. This show is from Sao Paulo Fashion Week, which I have never attended, but I almost made it out there for their Fashion Week once. Though I have spent lots of amazing wonderful life-changing times in Sao Paulo, one of my favorite cities in the world. If you have a chance to buy and wear some Herchcovitch...DO IT. (And be sure to click that link and check out his official site cuz it's awe-some!) You will never regret it. And I promise you'll be the coolest girl (or boy) at the party. PS The audio for the video below was disabled by YouTube. But I'll add a vid below it and you can play that one at the same time if you wanted a little soundtrack action. The song they had with the vid was OMD, but I have a better idea...Fun Boy Three and their song "Our Lips Are Sealed"...the one the lead dude wrote for Jane Wiedlin from The Go-Go's.♡

I chose the below pics randomly because I always love his entire collections...

as good as marc jacobs.

more wednesday wonder ♥ kinder aggugini

images are screenshots of the vid.

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