HELENA BONHAM CARTER FOR MARC JACOBS shot by Juergen Teller (who else)...you might not like her. You might love her. But you can't deny that these fashion campaign shots aren't a) eye catching, b) crazy and fun at the same time and maybe even weird, c) totally different from what other top top fashion brands are doing. Most fashion brands go for the "look how sexy you can be in these clothes...look at these perfect models...see how perfect they look and you, too, can look perfect" thing...which is so completely played out and YAWN. That's why I love these. I like HBC, though. I think she's a crazy good actress and I love people who have their own style. Even if it's not kitten and way out there on Mars.♡

more girl friday ♥ karen elson

images from italian vogue

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