I know I've been covering a lot of Prada and Meow Meow (Miu Miu). But it's not on purpose. I just cover what I love at the moment. And you have to admit that Miuccia is on fi-re! I had to do a post on these bags with lips all over them from the Prada Resort (Pre-Spring) 2012 collection. I mean, who wouldn't want to have one of those bags? But I'm also including some of the other pieces with lips all over them and the entire lookbook is gorgeous and so so so very Italian it makes me cry...in a good good way of course. I just wish I had all of these pieces and somewhere to wear them! Sorry this post was late but I was actually working all day on my fashion and beauty and youth culture visual portfolio for some people who asked for them. I can't wait to be in a place again where I can dress up like these girls and have cute lips dresses and purses. Sigh. (Also dunno if anyone remembers, but it's sort of a continuation of the Prada naked lady (I call it the Prada boobie dress) dress? I'll try to find a picture of that gorgeous dress.)♡

i mean...are you kidding me? this is too good.
i'll take the jacket and the bag.
one hot dress.
yea!! perfect basic black pumps! everyone who reads my blog knows how much i love a good basic pump! chic chic!
these pics make me want to learn italian even more.
lips skirt
so so so so gorgeous! i have a couple of vintage dresses like this. now i know how to wear them italian style!
is that a lips newsboy hat?
just too good to handle it. plus the model is perfection.

i don't really ever had sjp on nancygirl, but i wanted to show you the prada naked lady print dress.

images from italian vogue

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