I have some new things to write about here. But today I'm watching the Rose Parade (the one from Pasadena, CA) on TV over and over because I keep missing the beginning. Plus, I'm going to watch the over-5000 Occupy Rose Parade protesters who were allowed to follow the parade. They didn't show it on TV, but I'm going to watch that online. These protesters include really esteemed scholarly folk from smart schools around the country. One professor from USC (University of Southern California) said he believes in the movement because it's time to take money out of politics. That sums it up right there. A great great way to start the new year. This parade usually happens on New Year's Day followed by the big game at the Rose Bowl. But this year Jan 1st fell on a Sunday and it's an old rule not to have the parade on Sunday. Anyway...I've been wanting to post this for a long time. I hope I haven't before. If I have, be sure to let me know. Very pretty look for the new year. ( I will post the photo credits later when I find them.)♡

more makeup monday ♥ knots and pink cheeks

pictures from pet fan club

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