I have so much respect for Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty. I absolutely fell in love with their Resort collection for Suno, which was fun and fresh and full of flavor. And, though it might sound strange if you have never lived in New York, it also reminds me of the flavor of the Downtown girls there. Where, on any given corner, you see an eclectic chic culture-rich ballsy take on personal style. (Can anyone tell how much I'm missing New York these days?) 

I love the styling and the art direction and the model casting. And all the confetti charm. I'd love to have any of these girls as a BFF...a vivacious fun-loving girl that shows us how fun life is. ♡ 

So hot she needs to cool off...

Don't tell me you wouldn't see this girl and wonder:
"Who's that girl?"

A career in fashion...or art.

Hot summer nights.

I love this jumpsuit. Sooo much.

The most amazing little jacket that would look good 
with almost everything.

Such a great little dress. So Nancy Girl. 
I'd love to have this in my collection.

images from style.com

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