I really want to do this post about a couple of products that I have been loving so much lately...one so much that I actually finished the pot and went out and bought another one immediately! (I have to really love something to do that....)

The first one, the old one is a drugstore product (gasp!) that I think is absolutely one of the best things out there around 10 bucks, give or take a couple of dollars. In fact, I think it's probably one of the best foundations out there, hands down, high end or low end. It's the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup. I have written about this a couple of times. I own a lot of foundations. I own Nars and Chanel and some others. Some Korean. Some Japanese. And I'm about to go out and get another foundation I love by Laura Mercier. A couple of years ago, Clinique discontinued by staple foundation that I had been using for years...which launched me on a journey to find some go-to bases that I'd always be able to rely on. It's been a hard one, and that's putting it lightly. I don't know if I have the one product that I love yet. But I do know that I have to have a pot of the Revlon Colorstay Whipped in my life at all times. Even if it's a back up product. I only realized this when it was running out. I've been using it for webcam-ing (see the videos and story behind the Skype Video drama :) here)....but now I will also be doing an very big and cool job interview via webcam...and Revlon Colorstay Whipped is so easy to apply and it looks awesome under heavy light and on camera! It softens dry spots and it covers uneven skintone. I went to CVS to pick on up the other day because they sent me a $3 coupon. To my joy, the foundation was also on sale for $9.74 (normally it's like $14 at CVS). SO I only ended up paying like $7! That's amazing for such a great foundation! And I know a lot of people complain about the packaging. But, like I always say, I love it. I think it feels rich and expensive. And chic. BTW, I have pretty dry skin. Lately, however, due to the next product I am going to discuss, I think it's less dry and maybe even more combination now. Which is kind of neat.

The next product is new and was introduced to me by a YouTuber I heart named Joanna Devoe. I'll post the video below. It's all about good skincare stuff. She mentions her skin and it sounded a lot like mine. And she swears by this stuff. She suggested a lot of things I already knew about. But I had never ever tried raw, unrefined shea butter...as a face cream. I went to a local healthy market and bought the only one I could find...ALAFFIA HANDCRAFTED SHEA BUTTER...it's pure. It's "handcrafted" and unrefined. It's hard. Like a thick thick wax almost. You only need a tiny bit, like less than a dime, that melts into your skin and wow...it's really been a game changer. It heals EVERYTHING. It has really gotten rid of so many blemishes that sort of just lingered there. My skin looks soft and moisturized ALL DAY...whereas sometimes it starts to look dry later on in the day if I haven't piled on the moisturizers and serums. I cannot thank Joanna enough for this suggestion! I feel it has really changed my skin. I've only used it less than a week, and I cannot tell you how much this has already changed my life. My skin is healing. It's been very problematic for a few months and I was really upset that I had to go back on pills to remedy the problems. But now it's healing without the pills. It looks and feels the way some of the girls I see who have great skin look. Watch Joanna's video below because she really breaks it down. The other amazing thing is that it was so inexpensive. The pot I picked up was only $9 for 2 ounces. And I bet there are better pots of this, too, out there, if you look around. I'm sure places like Whole Foods have more options to choose from even. But Alaffia is certified fair trade, which means they are helping the community in Africa from which they get the shea butter from. They are also working with Sustainable Skincare which says "handmade, domestic packaging, no parabens, no animal testing, fair trade, no synthetic fragrance, gluten free"....yes! Go to her channel and check her out! Most of her stuff is more spiritual/witchy/woowoo...but she does have a lot of health and beauty tips, too. ♥

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Joanna DeVoe said...

Oh yay!!! I'm so glad the shea butter worked for you too. Isn't it just the most amazing stuff? Wish I'd found it yeeeears earlier...

THANKS for the awesome shout out! Your blog is so much FUN. -xo

montronix said...

:) of course...! i do love it. i think it's fixing some things with my skin, yes? sometimes it looks a teeny bit flaky. but for the most part i am in love love with it and so grateful!!! :) thanks so much! :) x