When I lived in Portland (Oregon), I was able to finally meet E*Rock...who is a cool dude I knew of because he did all the music and sounds for Mumbleboy's videos back in the day when I wrote about him for Dazed and Tokion (raise your hand if you love this run-on long-ass sentence!). E*Rock is has a lot of things going on, one of them being a record label called Audio Dregs. He's also a visual artist, too, and I'll be featuring something he did called Dreem Street on here soon (fashion/art stuff/ish). This is a new video that just went up. I guess it's from the DVD they're putting out for Panther's 2007 album "Secret Lawns", which I love. Great f-king record. BTW, in case you didn't know, E*Rock is also the big brother to one Evan Mast of Ratatat (I also wrote about them for a couple of magazines back in the day...nice kids...).


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