I have a couple of posts going up today...but I just got this in my inbox and I had to share it. Or maybe I've had it, but I haven't had the time to look it over. I love everything Orla Kiely does and I will be getting myself some pieces this year. I would say, though, that in this lookbook, I especially love the shoes (!!!) and the girl with the strawberry hair (that is what my hair was, but now it's realllly blonde because of running in the bright sun) and the way they've clipped her hair on the side. I do my makeup the same, too. She's very cute, though, and her bob is really flattering on her face.

Have a look below and see more of it here. xx♥

i love the length of these little coats. and the black socks with the heels. very skater-ish in a girly way.

i love this sweater dress...but i'd wear it in black or dark navy or green or something adn without that shirt underneath. and the clutch is kind of strange with it. but the dress (and the model) are cute. 

more wednesday stuff ♥ jil sander trust faith

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