I wanted to do a little post on this nail polish I wore for my meeting. Whenever I'm going to a meeting or an interview (as in a gig interview), I always think about my nail polish. I don't really think I'll throw on something neutral and beige (though sometimes I am feeling it)...rather, I tend to pick something I LOVE and makes me feel happy. I look at it like a little bit of a secret fun lucky charm (even if it's not). This past week, I had a meeting and I don't think anyone could even see my nails because it was over video :)...but I still made sure to go out and get something new that I loved. I had intended on getting a polish in a very metallic gray kind of shade, I think. I can't honestly remember what I wanted now because while browsing polishes at the drugstore, I came across a color that took my by surprise (I had never seen it there before) and there was only one left. It's a Maybelline Color Show polish in the color Twilight Rays. It's a black (I think???) color with these amazing duo-chrome (I think???) glitter specks that are gold/bronze and maybe even green. It's awesome. I don't like how it doesn't dry super shiny...looks much better with some clear top coat. But I still love this color. And I was happy I wore it with my white cotton top with Swiss dots. Good contrast. 

Some images from the Internet...

I will let you know if this color was lucky for me or not. :) Have a lovely Wednesday! xxx♥

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