UM...yeah....this isn't going to be the longest review in the world, but you'll get why after you read it. On a recent business trip that was supposed to be around 3 hours and ended up being like 12 hours because of a missed connection, I needed something for my eyes...the skin around my eyes was so so so dry from the airport and lack of sleep and the flight itself. I normally take the right things with me onto the plane. But, for whatever reason, I had totally forgotten my regular supply of flight goodies. By the time I arrived, my face felt like I had been in a desert for three days. The next day, I made a trip to Nordstrom's (which I love and have always loved) to see what I could find. I had initially wanted to pick up an eye cream by Chantecaille that Rachel Anise (The Beauty Professor) always talks about. Somehow, though, I was hijacked by the Clé de Peau counter manager. 

It initially started as a "let's do an eye treatment session for you" kind of thing. To my delight. It ended up being probably the only awkwardly bad trip I've ever made to Nordstrom's. If you're not familiar with the company, they are real sticklers for good customer service. And that always holds true. First of all, I wasn't shown anything from the Chantecaille line, even though that's what I went in there for. Second, albeit I have nothing against Clé de Peau and I think a lot of their products are amazing (including the packaging which is divine...DIVINE!)...I wasn't going to drop almost $1000 on a few products I didn't need. After the treatment and the explanations about the eye care and the eye makeup makeover if you want to call it that, I had dry skin under my eyes again because the counter manager thought it would be a good idea to put powder under my eyes. I don't even wear powder except on my nose and chin! There's more but I'll try to bring it back to the eye treatment serum

It felt cooling and great on the skin around my eyes. And I thought I'd get it. I didn't need the eye cream because I still wanted to get the Chantecaille stress repair one...much to the counter manager's dismay. He kept pressing me to buy more (not a Nordstrom thing) and then when I said I just wanted the serum (which isn't cheap at all at $150 a tube), he told me he was on commission...to my horror. I shouldn't have bought anything....but I just stayed polite and said I would be back for more. 

The thing is, this serum did nothing for me at $150. I tried it for two weeks. Maybe it's just not for me. My eyes actually looked older and puffier. So I'm returning it. It feels good when your eyes are tired and dry. But for the price and the service I received, it's just not worth it for me to keep it. So I'm actually going to return it. I'll try some of the other Clé de Peau products next time. And I'll even try that Chantecaille eye cream I initially wanted to get. But this serum for wrinkles and stuff (I think it has a lot of good things in it like retinol and other things) just was not for me. 

See more about it here. And again, I still love Nordies....but not that counter manager. Nope. ♥

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