Oh yes....that was a happy way to end the most boring fashion season I have probably ever watched. What a drag. What was going on with the lines this year? But the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 show was not only amazing and beautifully produced, it also had great style and gorgeous wearable fashion-y clothes, which is what we all want to see. I also was amazed at how petite these models looked in this show, like they were all around 12 years old. But then you'd see a famous face and realize they're all tall tall girls. There are so many pieces I want from this collection, including those tiny speedy bags and those bow headbands. I have a pointy Louis Vuitton shoe that I love, but can't always wear because that toe looks so outdated at times. But it fits right in with this show, so I'm happy I can take them out and wear them soon. The other genius thing about this collection is that there are pieces very young LV customers will wear and buy as well as pieces for a much older money set. There are even some pieces, mainly the dresses, that all ages can wear. It's genius. What the video of the show here.

PS You know I love Marc Jacobs and I also love the 60's. So of course there will be more posts about this show.♡

really gorgeous set
i love the girl with the green headband. her entire look is fantastic!

i think this pair of girls really stole the show. they were walking perfectly in sync.

that is a gorgeous rich copper-y chocolate and i love it. i love that dress.

doesn't lindsey look like a little girl? short? not tall? i love both these looks but esp that mini dress!

so cute!

i love that dress. in both this length and the longer one and the shorter one.

the dress is one of my favorite things ever! i love anything 60s that's evening and black shiny. there's a film i'll post something about soon that has a dress similar to this that lauren bacall is wearing.
look at the quality of this little jacket. amazing. i love it.

so many people can wear this dress. i love this so much. the fabric looks rich, too.

those baby speedy bags

that's so funny that you can still tell it's lindsey wixson from those lips! i love these pieces. look at the shiny fabric!

the finale

more thursday shoe ♥ miu miu suede booties

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