I just love a magazine from Germany (I'm pretty sure) called Material Girl. Oh how I love this magazine. I was thinking the other day about how much time I used to spend standing at a magazine/news stand, combing through magazine after magazine and spending loads of cash on them. And how I never do that anymore. It's not because of the blogs. I'm a former magazine writer and editor (from some of the best in my opinion)...I love magazines. I even love the word "magazine". I love how it looks. I love how it sounds. (I love the word "mascara", too, in the same way as I love "magazine"). :)  But even when I go through Fashion Gone Rogue posts (and FGR is very very good), I don't feel inspired. I don't see anything new too often, even from photographers and stylists that I love. I mean...I want to feel the same way I felt the first time I was allowed to buy Seventeen (and Seventeen back in the 80s was a-ma-zing...especially the covers). I'll see if I can find some of those covers and add them here.

Material Girl sometimes gives me that same Tween-feeling when you fall in love (Tween as in between child and teen...11, 12). Maybe because I see new things. Sometimes I think that's because it's from Germany and not New York. But mainly it's because the editors really follow their hearts. And they aren't worried about dressing girls up like nuns and putting them on a cover. And then mixing it up with some metallic sheen. I would love to do something with them or even better, have them do something with my novel! Below are some gorgeous pages from Material Girl issue 19. I can't believe I missed issue 18! :) It's not a cheap magazine overseas, but it's very easy to order online from their site. I wish I owned them all. Look at the cover below...is that a butterfly or a bird she's just eaten? Absolutely genius. ♡

amazing. issue 19 material girl

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