Julie Verhoeven is an artist I have been following for a long time. At least ten years, after seeing her stuff all over The Face magazine (one of the best magazines of all time...which was bought out by Emap and then they added some Britney Spears stuff and other stuff that did not belong, they lost their readers and Emap shut it down...sadness). I also got to interview her a few years ago, but the interview was so late that I don't think it ever got published. I did so much when I was a magazine writer and editor that I can't actually remember if it was ever published (because of the late deadline which was their fault and not mine). I also met her once at New York Fashion Week, methinks at a Jeremy Scott show. She was very sweet. It was that year she did all the visuals/graphics for NYFW. 

This post is about another collaboration she has, this time with the label Melissa (she also currently has a collaboration capsule collection with MAC cosmetics). Looks like she did some really cool jellies and they are very much a Julie V. thing, with the colors and the little bandages all over there, too. :) The video is above and below are some images. I would love to own a pair of these. I'll see if I can post the interview up...in a few minutes.♡

julie verhoeven signing some melissa collab shoes at an event for the shoe launch.

this is an issue of The Face magazine from the 90s that has tons of Julie Verhoeven's illustrations inside. i own it, but it's in storage which is why this image isn't that great.

more thursday shoe ♥  ysl snakeskin wedge dupe

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