The Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer 2013 fashion show wasn't my favorite. But there were some things I liked. I can see that Gaultier is gaining momentum again, it's his time to shine again. I remember the 80s, even though I was younger. I had older clubbing/fashion-y cousins who drove me to Melrose with them to pick up the very newest Gaultier catsuits at Gallay. I remember when he ruled the kids at the fancier dance clubs. He even had a diffusion/younger line called Junior Gaultier that was fun and easy and affordable. That's how popular it was to wear Gaultier (I think Marc hadn't even launched his namesake label yet...I think he was at Perry Ellis at this time). So I can see where he's going and that he's happy about it. I like the characters and stuff. But I think Alexandre Herchcovitch did a Boy George thing this spring, too.

Rather than show all the makeups, I just wanted to showcase the Bowie Girl. I don't know about the outfit (though it looks very 80s Gaultier), but the makeup is one of my favorites as I've posted something on the real makeup on Bowie here a long time ago. The other thing I loved about the show was that he had Amanda Lear in it. And she looked great! I mean, she must be so so old. And funnily enough, Amanda and Bowie did date or whatever back in the day (and I think I have a video of that on here somewhere, too, where they are performing together). So it was interesting to see her in the show with someone dressed as Bowie. I did a great post on her and the Queen of Chinatown here. ♡

gaultier and amanda lear.

Amanda Lear and David Bowie behind the scenes:


more makeup monday ♥ eley kishimoto nails

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