I know I normally do makeup posts on Mondays, but I have a lot of stuff lately that I want to cover...and I really want to post this video. I am going to double check I didn't already post this. But I did check once and I didn't see it. Beloved sexpot makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury (who does makeup the way I want and try to look most the time) has started uploading videos again on her YouTube channel! And the first one is how to get a copper smokey eye. I mean, the makeup is GORGEOUS. I have already seen a couple of the top beauty gurus on YouTube use the products she did (when they never have before...like that intense brown eye liner....I saw this and then in the last few days Tanya Burr (AKA Pixi2woo) was using it. I am so excited for tutorials and insight from Charlotte Tilbury. See the tutorial below. It's gorgeous...♡

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