Around ten years ago (already) when I was still writing for Oyster, Dazed&Confused, Tokion and a few others, a friend of mine in New York asked me if I had heard about this new boutique and concept called Opening Ceremony. She explained that every season they feature U.S. designers and another country and their designers. I wort about them, befriended them (Carol and Umberto) and went to some of their private parties (which were amazing because we all knew each other). I know their roots because someone I used to know worked with them in San Francisco before they went to New York. I think they were window dressers. Something like that. Opening Ceremony has always done good things. Cool things. But somewhere down the line (I haven't spoken or emailed either of them in years), they really really blew up. I had no idea they were now designing for Kenzo. I was excited to post this video because this show is pretty well done and then I saw their names below...Carol Lim and Umberto Leon. It's pretty amazing and awesome that they got to take it that far and they're there. And they did a good job. I'll have to look back and see if they did the last couple shows, too, because I liked them as well.♡

more saturday show ♥ paco rabanne 2012

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