OMG OMG! I can't wait for Monday to share this!!! FINALLY, Charlotte Tilbury shows us all how to do her signature "FELINE FLICK"....!!! The same feline flick that Kate Moss always has...the same sexy feline flick all her hot clients have!!! This is my most favorite thing about her (Charlotte) and I am SO EXCITED to practice practice practice until I can whip it on in a minute, without a mirror, in a car...i.e. with no effort at all. I mean, if you love simple with lots of impact...this is IT! Also...she uses a dot method which is how I learned how to do liquid eyeliner and was going to do a full-on post on it, too...but mine is full on. Also can do the dot method for lip liner. (My mother, who was a total Mod, taught me when I was like 16.). YEA! I was going to try this today, but my head was hurting...but tomorrow...!!!♡

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