I have these on my own Christmas list. And yearly list. And birthday list. Any excuse to get some of these luxury bath and body products I can use! :) I have a lot of L'Occitane, which I love. But somehow I feel like the packaging and scents are even more fancy when it comes to Laura Mercier products. Maybe it's the labels. Or the packaging. I don't know. But I love them. Here are some of the things I am hoping to find under the tree this year...these are perfect for the people in your life who have everything and are extremely hard to shop for. 

Anything from the Crème Brulée collection...but this trio for the holidays is a great deal at only $65 (it's worth around $90)... Crème Body Wash, Body Scrub and Soufflé Body Crème!

Laura Mercier's La Petite Patisserie Quartet in Crème de Pistache...omg...I LOVE this pistachio scent and I LOVE these little gift packs where you get a bit of everything...for such a good deal! It's only $50 for all of these items: portable tubes of Crème Body Wash (3 oz.) and Soufflé Body Crème (3 oz.), plus deluxe travel sizes of Hand Crème (1 oz.) and Eau Gourmande fragrance (0.5 oz.). Amazing amazing. In any of the scents but especially in this one. 


Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Honey Bath is decadent and lovely and good for your skin. Chic little bit for the bath area and super luxe gift for hostess at a party or a little goody for yourself. $40


There are so many other things and scents that would appeal to anyone. I'm just partial to sweet and honey smells. You can order from the Laura Mercier site (there's a free shipping promotion right now) or shop at Nordstroms which is what I like to do, too. Really...pick something up for yourself if you have everyone else covered.

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