A couple of items I would LOVE to receive for Christmas. Likewise, if you can afford to buy one lipstick (which is really expensive but super luxe), it would make a lovely gift for someone you know...

The TOM FORD EYESHADOW QUAD IN COGNAC SABLE...oh how I dream of owning this (and I shall...after I use up a lot of other shadows I have already so I can devote my love to this palette). It's perfect for most eye colors but especially lovely if you have green or even blue eyes. Have you seen the Charlotte Tilbury tutorial where she uses this quad to create a smokey eye? You can see that here. This quad is $75 on the Neiman Marcus site (my favorite shop or one of them in San Francisco).

Something else from Tom Ford's makeup collection is a fragrance....especially and specifically the fragrance of TABACCO VANILLE. I honestly haven't even smelled this yet, but just the name alone makes me feel like I would love it. When I was little, my dad smoked a pipe, and we used to go to the tobacco shop about every week. As he would order or talk to the dude there, I'd walk around and smell all the luscious rich tobacco smells. If this smells anything like that plus vanilla (my favorite smell next to almond and coconut and oud), then it must be insanely amazing. There's a smaller bottle you can purchase (this is one of the Private Blends) that's 1.7 ounces that sells for $205. Of course if you can really go for it and you love it, you can order the largest size at 8.4 ounces for around $500! :) But I personally love the look of those smaller amber apothecary bottles. Also available here.

Specially for Christmas, there are a couple of gorgeous gift sets that would make anyone swoon for the entire year! The first one is a FOUR COLOR LIP COLOR BOXED SET. This features lipstick colors in SPANISH PINK, CRIMSON NOIR, NUDE VANILLE and WILD GINGER (want!). AND they all come in a gorgeous Tom Ford mahogany box! This set costs $192 and is available here.

The next is FOUR PIECE NAIL LACQUER BOXED GIFT SET. This set features some of Tom Ford's gorgeous rich nail colors in TOASTED SUGAR, BITTER BITCH, AFRICAN VIOLET, CARNAL RED (he's so naughty). This, too, comes in a gorgeous Tom Ford mahogany box. It's $120 from here.

If you end up getting any of these pieces (or anything else from Tom Ford, I'm happy for and jealous of you.... :D. If you are able to spoil someone with one or more of these, you are an angel. More fun things soon.♡

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