I have seen a lot of new foxy prints and I am loving them. I know they are always around in some form or other. But these are just a couple of pieces I really love and wouldn't mind adding to my Xmas list...

This CUTE AS A FOX WOOL CREPE FITTED DRESS from Orla Kiely. $465. Available here.

so so so cute.

 This FOX FAIRISLE FLAIRED DRESS from Orla Kiely. $345. Available here. I love the color combo of aubergine and dusk.


This Fox Print Sweater from Forever 21. I tried to find it online, but didn't have any luck. You might want to try your local F21. I got this because it looks like my little dog. But it's really a fox. (Though they say Chihuahua's descend from foxes and not wolves like other dogs...so it works.) It looks quite large and wide here. But it's pretty small. Perfect atop my vintage flared jeans. It was less than $20.

More ideas soon...happy shopping and eggnogging!♡

more girl friday ♥ karen elson

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