I don't usually post up the promo videos that H&M does. I don't think they're all that normally. But this one...albeit it's simple...is a really awesome overview of New York and beauty and it really makes me feel like I'm there. I think it truly gives a great insight into New York (even though it might be a tiny peek) and the great beauty stops...some great tips, too. This video makes me miss New York sooooo much, especially the cold holiday time of New York City (I would move there in a second if I already had a gig and a barrel of money and a place...). If you haven't ever been there, I think this is a great peek. I also love how the beauty editor is basically makeup free, natural. And owning it. THIS is New York. New York is unlike LA in that you see this free natural (**uber natural**) vibe. I don't know how to explain it, but I can see it in the film. Anyway...now to shut up and let you actually watch it!

On another note, she mentions the brand FRESH. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars at the store in San Francisco...and while I love love some of their products, I don't think they all stack up. Just sayin'. :) ♡

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