I was thinking I have been posting too much about Charlotte Tilbury recently...but then she keeps showing us the most amazing makeup looks. And then I thought...it's the holidays season and who cares. I've already covered the favorite makeup things that I'd love to get. This look she created is for a purple smoky eye for a party or something and it's gorgeous. But it looks a lot like the Estee Lauder campaign that came out recently and maybe she had done the makeup for that, too. I'm super excited about this look because it has Tom Ford shadows in purple-y colors...something I have never really used and don't really own...but are supposed to be ideal esp if you have green eyes (which I have). So have a look and if I come up with some other makeup things that I'd love for gifts, I'll post those later on. Happy shopping (if you're out shopping, that is).

OH...I remembered a great idea! It's from last year! See the link below where it says MORE MAKEUP MONDAY!♡

more makeup monday ♥ chic quick gift idea!!!!

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