I already tweeted this on my other twitter account (not the Nancy Girl twitter account) AND moaned and groaned about it being sold out on my other facebook page...but I had to also post it on here because it's so so amazing. 

This is a crazy Slayer (as in the thrash metal band) "Christmas" Jumper/Sweater that was for sale on their merchandise site and it is totally sold out! I LOVE THIS SWEATER! I am going to look for it on EBay and also ask Santa for it. When else are you going to get a Christmas sweater covered in pentagrams and skulls??? (Actually...it sort of matches those Nars candles I wrote about. You could wear the sweater and light a bunch of those Nars candles...pretty funny thought.)♡

front and back...best sweater ev er.

more wednesday stuff ♥ valentino mini panther

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