It always saddens me when someone posts a Galliano show up on YouTube. The comments below are always so so heartfelt...messages that say, "Come back...", "I miss you, John..." or "No one can do it like Galliano...". And, I have to agree. How many shows are left in fashion that look like this? That have a visionary like Galliano at its helm? Not many. Not many at all.

I think it's sick that they hung him out and walked away with the billions he made for all those fat dogs who ran the business. I think it's sick that the magazine editors like Wintour (all hail to the queen...right) didn't defend him. Didn't help him. I mean, do we have to lose Galliano to stress the way we lost another genius (McQueen)??? How bad does it need to get before someone stands up to those money makers? How bad does it have to get before they stand up for artists? I mean...I love Raf and I heard today that Alexander Wang is going to be at Balenciaga. I'm happy for them. They have talent...

But they aren't McQueen. And they certainly aren't John Galliano. ♡

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