I intended to do this post later in the week, but I just received an email with a great BLACK FRIDAY offer to the readers...so I thought I should post it up today! Because they might be sold out if I post this up later! 

the long sleep shirt $210

the long sleep shirt (back)

A while ago, my dear friend and fashion maven Alexandra Suhner Isenberg from Searching for Style announced she was producing/launching a line of sleep shirts modeled after a vintage piece she discovered years ago while living in London. She gave some of us (her friends) a chance to pre-order and so I did. They come in a longer version (which I will also purchase) and a shorter version (which I own now). I've had mine for a month or so now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's cotton, with blue stripes and reminds me of the work shirts my father used to wear when I was little (the fabric, not the style). It's EXTREMELY well made, feels super super luxe and fancy girl (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) and is very chic. There's also something very sexy about these sleep shirts. It's almost like wearing your boyfriend's shirt to bed or waking up in his shirt and lingering around his penthouse. It's just awesome. 

The Sleep Shirt is actually the most perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for lady (or man) in your life. The one who covets Dyptique candles and orders their socks from Commes des Garçons. :) 

the short sleep shirt...i don't roll the sleeves up. i think it's more chic to have them long and buttons at the cuffs. $195
the short sleep shirt (back)..i am quite petite and the shorter sleep shirt is above my knees and below my thighs...somewhere there...(sexy!)
The Sleep Shirt can be ordered on thesleepshirt.com. The long sleep shirt is $210 and the short sleep shirt is $195. And...lucky readers of this blog will receive an extra 20% off on Black Friday (through the weekend) on all sleep shirt orders! See below...and get your order in as soon as possible! 

More gift guides coming soon! Happy shopping!

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