As soon as the weather shifted, my skin took a nose dive into dryness. SUPER DRYNESS. And now most of the foundations I was using during the summer and fall are no longer working...the way they should. My skin looks parched and even flaky somethings. Ick. And it feels awful. And even though I use all of my hydrating skincare and do the vitamins and water, that foundation thing was just not happening. The only one I could really use all day and still look fresh was the Revlon Whipped Foundation, which looks pretty good and lasts all day without any touch-ups. (Not even my Nars or Chanel are doing a good job during this climate change). So I decided it was time to migrate over to a brand I've been coveting lately, Laura Mercier. I stopped at the counter the other day and explained my face situation to the nice sales lady. I also explained that I need to more coverage sometimes, because of some pigmentation. She immediately suggested the Crème Smooth Foundation, which comes in a pot, can be worn sheer or built up to fuller coverage.

I was surprised to see the pot. I didn't even know some of the LM foundations came in a pot. It's a gorgeous little pot of luscious cream. I have only used it once so far, but I did love the texture. It didn't dry out. But it doesn't seem to have quiiiiiite the staying power as my Revlon Whipped Colorstay foundation has (even though that's a drugstore brand, it is an awesome foundation!). Also, the Laura Mercier foundation feels richer and less silicone-y like the Revlon foundation. I also think I was given a shade just a tad too dark and too orange-y for my skin. But all in all, I do love this foundation. I do think Laura Mercier is my new favorite brand and once I go through the shelves of skincare and cosmetics I already own, I will be replacing them with everything Laura Mercier. 

The foundation is $50, and you only need the tiniest amount because it spreads evenly and smoothly. Amazing. It's so nice to use products from a brand that live up to the hype. I don't even think a brand like Chanel really always does that (and I do own quite a bit from Chanel). 

So if you are freaked out by the weather change and your skin is not having any of the foundations in your collection, maybe get a sample of the LM Crème Smooth variety. You will probably love it. (I will most likely be buying this foundation as soon as I go through some of my others.) 

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