YEA! Masayo Kishi (my favorite stylist...once you look at her post, you will see why) has a new post for NANCY GIRL about one of her latest projects! So exciting...see what she has to share below:

Hi! I hope you guys are well. We are back on track here in New York after Hurricane Sandy finally. 

For my second blog post for Nancy Girl I would like to talk about my recent work that just came out. This is was a feature on Odeya Rush for Flaunt magazine. The photography is by my favorite duo, Ioulex. We had a short fashion story to accompany her interview, as well as a short film. Both of which (the fashion story and film) became my favorite work immediately. 

A little about Odeya...she is only 15 years old, and I was fascinated by her every second during the shoot. She was stunning.  Odeya wasn't just a cute school girl...besides being stunning, she is smart, quiet, charming, well-behaved and humble. Odeya worked hard for at our every request, too. How perfect a girl she was/is. I haven't felt like this on a shoot for a long time.

I am absolutely in love with her! And I'm sure that she will be a very important actress in the world. There is a possibility of her becoming a legend, which is why her entire family moved to the USA from Israel...

brooke shields as violet in the film pretty baby (1978)

dolce and gabbana fall 2012
Anyway...amazing photography duo Ioulex proposed an idea to make her look like Brooke Shields' role as "Violet" from the movie Pretty Baby (1978). I instantly loved the idea. But I wanted to focus on the style, not turn Odeya literally into the character. So, of course, Dolce and Gabbana's Fall 2012 collection was perfect for this fashion story.

Please enjoy my falling-in-love story with Odeya Rush.

Masayo Kishi

The fashion film that accompanies the fashion story above:

See Masayo's previous posts here! Thanks, Masayo...! LOVE YOU! xx mt

all images courtesy of Masayo Kishi

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