The other day I got into what felt like a huge debate with a fellow blogger and friend (though she was pissed) about this new "menswear collection" for Opening Ceremony that Yoko Ono designed. This said blogger ripped it a new one, liking Yoko to Kim Kardashian (as in celebrities have no business designing) and the sketches that Yoko had for the line as sucking or "they suck". I didn't understand the rant at all. And I had a bit more to say because I actually did a huge story/interview and fashion shoot with Yoko Ono for Oyster magazine when I was an editor there. I spent the entire day overseeing the shoot with Marc Baptiste and I got to hang out with her alone for an hour or so (she kicked everyone out of the studio when it was time to do the interview). I found her to be amazing. Also, I love her as an artist. In addition, I also knew Carol and Umberto from Opening Ceremony, covering their store opening back when it was just a baby and frequently seeing them at events or attending their private parties on Crosby Street in New York, which always had the best designers, artists, magazine kids and all the Downtown people I love. They were my favorite parties really. 

little sketches from yoko and john's wedding night in 1969...a gift from her to him.

At the time I had not seen nor read anything about this supposed menswear line, except for said blogger's post. But late last night, I read the Associated Press story on it and I just could not believe how worked up she had gotten. First of all, this isn't a real or "real" menswear line. It's more like an art collection. Anyone who sees it and knows anything about Yoko and OC would know that. Second, these sketches that she said "sucked" were actually these cute little doodles that Yoko had done for her new husband (John Lennon) and given to him on the night of their wedding in 1969 (1969 people!). They're CLEARLY a little inside joke about their sexual attraction and you can see how hot she was for her new hubby. I mean, they're hilarious. But when you think she drew them for him on their wedding night, they're really sweet (and still funny, too). You know they were probably shacked up having the greatest honeymoon ever. These aren't serious design illustrations at all. Where's the fire? I didn't read that info in my fellow blogger's post. I doubt she even read it herself. I can't imagine her reading that and still calling them terrible design sketches. They're more like silly love notes to John. 

i think these outfits just say, "i want you, john..." and nothing else.

I personally think it's a fun and funny and cool idea to actually produce them. They, I'm sure, really mean something special to Yoko. When I interviewed her, you could see and hear how much she still loves John Lennon. And how she hasn't really ever let that go. And you know what, fashion isn't supposed to be all about serious stuffy judgements and perfect things and stagnant silhouettes and boring color. It's about freedom and expression and FUN. Uh, yeah...I said fashion is supposed to be fun. 

The Associated Press story I read (and some others that followed) and the writers/journalists who wrote them seemed to get it, with headlines like, "Oh, Yoko! Ono's fashion line gropes for Lennon" and "Yoko Inspired by Lennon's 'Hot Bod'". They see the sex, the love, the art and....the humor in it. If anyone thinks it's anything else, my advice would be this:

LIGHTEN UP...it's just fashion. 

(In her defense, she's a great fashion enthusiast and about to pop a child out, juggles career, family, et al...but I still think she missed the point of this collection.)♡

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