Oh how I love this scrub. This is the KONA COFFEE AND SUGAR DETOX SCRUB from Pacifica. I love Pacifica's products. So far I have reviewed the fragrance and lip tint. I have a couple more things to cover but I had to give this scrub its own post because it's that good and luxe. 

I have very very dry skin, especially lately. I do all the internal stuff and all the other post-bath stuff. But I love having an oily scrub in the shower to help out the moisturizing process. This scrub has sea salt and sugar mixed with vanilla and coffee. This scrub looks like coffee and sugar mixed with sugar-y oil. It smells like heaven, not to strong if you can't handle strong vanilla. It also has hints of that coconut oil. It feels amazing on my skin and, even better, my skin is very very smooth and soft when I get out, which means I need less lotion afterwards. Here is a bit about it from the website:

Sugar and sea salt exfoliate both manually and chemically, while amazing coconut oil – rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids – feeds, replenishes and hydrates for skin that is supremely soft and supple. With super-caffeinated benefits, Kona coffee improves the appearance of skin texture as it stimulates.
  • Kona Coffee: Full of caffeinated benefits to improve the appearance of skin texture.
  • Coconut: Loaded with powerhouse vitamins, minerals and essential oils to feed, replenish and hydrate your skin.
  • Sugar: Contains glycolic acid for chemical and manual exfoliation. Promotes brighter skin.
  • Sea Salt: Exfoliates and promotes circulation with sea minerals.
You can order this from here...it's $28 USD for 13 ounces. Which is high, but I think this product is gorgeous. It's fancy spa luxury level. :)  ♡

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