Listen...if you love Andy Warhol and the 1960's, you will probably love this film and these looks promoting the Warhol collection from NARS. If you aren't a fan of either, then you will probably hate it. I for one LOVE a lot of these looks. Especially the ones that look just like a Warhol screen print. I also love the girl at the beginning who has a Nico look to her makeup and hair. It's all a bit trashy and dirty and of course clean at the same time. There's a very 80's thing happening, too, because as I remember it, a lot of the kids I saw as a kid when I moved to LA were very very raw...using their mom's makeup or going into their grandmother's closet and ripping things up to make a look. I love that rawness. (It's also why I think grunge has never gone away totally.) Being too perfect with perfect little outfits and perfect little faces doesn't always feel fresh. 

The only palette I want though is the Factory Girl one. Dear Santa... ♡

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