I get very very bored of fashion editorials. No matter how well they are produced and styled and shot, I just don't see too many new things out anymore. I get sick and tired of seeing the same poses. I get sick and tired of the new models like Karlie Kloss who doesn't measure up to some of the supermodels of the past by any means. I guess I just like some of the stories that appeal to my own personal likes. Still, that doesn't mean I think they're amazingly ground-breaking stories. I don't usually care for the Fashion Gone Rogue specific shoots. But the one below featuring a very albino model and some pretty nice color palettes was kind of nice to look at. I think it's the all-over color of the story I like (or lack thereof).  See what you think. Credits down below... (It sort of reminds me of another shoot I love and posted something on a couple of years ago here). A little side note...I know for a fact that a couple of years ago, Calvin Klein creative wanted to use an Albino male model, but the heads said no.♡

photographed by Danil Golovkin
model Nastya Zhidkova
styled by Kseniya Berezovskaya
hair by Ekaterina Arkhipova
makeup by Larisa Khatmullina

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