I've been a huge fan of artist KAWS since well, maybe the late 1990's when I started writing about graffiti and the art boom (I wrote about it for years for Dazed and Tokion and other magazines and I pretty much interviewed everyone except KAWS, Shepard and Twist because there were already in every magazine you could think of...). I actually own the very first run of his Companion action figure...the one you see in the video below with the skinny legs. I have that exact coloring. It's signed and numbered by him, too. It also came out in an all-black version, but I really love the gray coloring and I wasn't about hoarding everything that came out because I was buying art from a lot of the artists coming on the scene (I have also wanted to start an art blog, because I know so many of them after all these years and sometimes it's much more interesting than say...fashion). So I was really excited to see or hear that he was doing a balloon for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City this year. I will add some footage of it once it goes up, but I managed to find this awesome interview about the balloon's making and his art in general. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!♡

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