I received a couple of new Ciaté nail kits to review a couple of weeks ago. I already mentioned in another post how in love with the Gold Digga nail polish I am. (It comes in one of the kits, but you can also buy it separately.)

First is the Caviar Manicure kit in HEADTURNER, which comes with the Gold Digga nail polish (a gorgeous metallic gold that looks almost antiqued...it looks expensive and luxe...not cheap shimmery and bright. It almost has a black or gray undertone) and a bottle of tiny gold and turquoise beads (this is the "caviar"), as well as a tiny little funnel so you can reclaim the beads not used. Now I'm not into these caviar manicures. But I do love this color combo. And after reading the pamphlet inside, I realized you don't have to cover your entire nail with them. You can do one nail. You can only cover the tips with the caviar beads. It might not be my thing, but I can see how a lot of people would dig this. This kit is $25.

The second kit will probably be part of a give-away I'm putting together. It's the Ciaté Sequined Manicure in SUPER DUPER. This comes with a clear "sequin glitter grip" polish, a pot of gold and silver and black "sequins" that's really just glitter and a brush to brush away the excess from your nails when you've covered them up. I do like the color combo. I wish they used larger round glitter particles rather than these tiny glitter bits. Again, you can do the entire nail bit or just the tips. All nails or none. You can purchase this kit here. It retails for $19.

Once I get a few things together, I'll announce the giveaway...I will be including this particular kit in the stash. What looks very interesting is the upcoming Velvet manicure kits. Stay tuned.♡

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