Oh how do I love thee, Material Girl magazine! I just noticed there's a new issue out...issue 22 Summer 2013...I cannot wait to get it. I wish I had every issue and I shall buy every issue that I do not own as soon as I move, whenever that is! 

But here it is. I'll get the details later. I honestly thought I had already done today's post, but then realized that I hadn't. So many cool things to post up soon...we have a record give-away coming up (listen to it on the sidebar! Especially "Emo Boy"! It rules!)...and I got another box today from a friend in New York with some amazing cosmetics from RMK and even Shu Uemura! I have stories for both brands on here coming up shortly and they're not just makeup reviews! They are pretty exclusive yummy bits that you'll love to see/read! But the makeup...let me tell you...I have one of the RMK nail polishes on right now and OMG I AM IN LOVE!!! (Thanks, Masayo!) I won't tell you anymore. You'll have to wait until the posts go up. The one about Shu Uemura is amazing, too! 

Okay...hope you enjoy this editorial as much as I do! I wish these magazines were out when I was 17! :) And PS...the post tomorrow might be later in the day...maybe not. But in case you don't see it straight away, it's because I had to take care of some things, I have a meeting (wish me more luck, please) and I'm returning a Clé de Peau serum I bought because IT DOES NOTHING. I'll exchange it for some other things. More on that later...

look at this cover!

LOVING IT! LOVE LOVE LOVE MATERIAL GIRL! Okay...more later. Night night! xx

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