Wow....what a week. It was AWESOME. But I'm really tired/exhausted. I have so much to write about. But the first thing I want to feature is one of my ultimate new new favorites and probably something I will always repurchase. It's the Almond Milk Concentrate body creme that comes in that gorgeous heavy glass jar. I get really dry all over when I travel by plane and sleep in hotel rooms, etc. It's just something I've gotten used to. And, on this trip, I totally forgot to bring any kind of body lotion. Thank goodness there was a boutique in the airport where I was able to pick this up quickly. It's less expensive compared to my Laura Mercier body creme...which I have written about here. I love them both, but I think I might buy this one from L'Occitane from now on. I have some long-time favorites from this French brand (including their Royal Jelly shower gel and all of their honey-based products) and I have a few things in my bathroom at all times (namely, their bath gels and bubble baths).

at the hotel and about to sleep. some vitamin c tablets that go into my water...some good eye cream and my l'occitane almond milk concentrate.

The other things I love about this creme in addition to the packaging (love love) are the smell, not a typical almond-y scent (which I am also a very huge fan of)...the smell is more of an almond blossom one...something really light. This is a very rich, emollient creme...you only need a little bit at a time, which is awesome because it's not a cheap product. It's perfect for summer and will always remind me of this trip that I just got back from. 

It's available here for $46 from Sephora.

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