YEA! I was so excited to see that it's Couture week in Paris and that the new collection from Ulyana Sergeenko was already posted up! I love this designer so much. I wish she would do a ready-to-wear collection, too. Wait...did she? I can't remember at this second, but she should. I do see a lot of easy-to-wear looks in this couture collection, but I'm only featuring the looks that I absolutely love and dream that I'd be wearing if I was a super cool princess who dressed like I lived in an enchanted and very haunted forest. :) To see the rest of her collection, click here.I love everything about her shows from the shoes to the hair. I especially love that accent of very cherry red we see here and there. I think there's also one dress in that color, too, below...

yea! she's still doing that very witchy thing and i love it!

gorgeous and gorgeous decision to use this model for this look.

just gorgeous. can you imagine if we saw a princess or a red carpet celebrity wearing this? amazing.

just love it.

something out of a dream. and look at those gloves! those are my favorite and i love love that color!

the sexy side of sergeenko that i love so much. hot.

another little winter dream.

so amazing and love those tights.

this dress is so gorgeous. and i like that the shoes or tights are all geared to make a look and aren't trying to be sexy.

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