YEA! Happy Monday, all! I am super excited to do this two-part post because it's on some really fun products and a gorgeously styled show to celebrate the new collection...from Japanese cosmetic brand RMK and darling stylist and Nancy Girl regular contributor, Masayo Kishi! 

You are going to love love these products, this collection and Masayo's new work! 

Recently Masayo was in Japan and was the stylist for the RMK show (which included a lot of lovely girls and their makeup from the new Fall collection) where she styled the girls for this new collection. She sent me some of the products which aren't even out yet. I thought for this post, I would show you the product first and then tomorrow, I will show you the images from the actual show in Japan with the gorgeous looks that Masayo created. That way you'll see the whole picture. 

The deal is that RMK is sort of relaunching the brand. For the past 15 years, legendary makeup artist Rumiko has overseen the brand as the creative director. But now there's a new creative director, KAORI and so the brand is going to be "new new new". :)  Kaori lives in New York, and I guess the idea behind this new collection is influenced by a New York girl. (There is much more with this that I will share in tomorrow's blog post because it really explains who this new RMK girl is and what Masayo did to bring this look to life). 

I have to say, I have never used anything by RMK...but now it's definitely one of my most favorite cosmetic lines EVER. The packaging, the colors and the way they look on your face is amazing. I can testify to that. These products will not be available until Fall...so keep your eye out and go sign up to the RMK site so you know when they'll be out...you will LOVE them. I promise. I know the launch date for Japan is August 18, 2013. I am not sure what the US launch date is...but it won't be long after, I assume.

Masayo so generously sent me an eyeshadow, a blush and two nail polishes (one that I've been addicted to and is my current ultimate favorite polish right now!). She also included a really cool little double-sided brush that goes with the eye product.

I love the packaging so much. The only thing is that the gorgeous silver packaging dings really easily. It's still gorgeous and chic, though.

How amazing and gorgeous, right? Look at this little eye shadow brush. you slide it from side to side. One side is for cream and one side is for powder! It's very sturdy and well made and the bristles are really high quality.

The first product is the INGENIOUS CREAM AND POWDER EYES in the color #02 Brown Beige x Brown Copper Gold Bronze...THIS IS JUST AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS! The base is a perfect peachy beige shade, looks perfect on the eyelids. I love it. And the gold brown color is really rich looking. It's very sparkly, in a good way, and looks very expensive but not overstated on the eyes. The base is on the top...you unscrew the lid and there it is. The powder is underneath...you swivel the top (base part) to the side to reveal. Gorgeous packaging, colors and quality.

Next item I received is a blush called the SHEER CHEEKS POWDER in the color #07 Natural Rose. OMG. This is the most perfect strawberry shade. It has a sheen to it. I dunno how to explain it. It's not overwhelming. It's just perfect. Even on my olive skin, this color looks amazing. I place it kind of high on the cheekbone and only on the outer of my cheeks. The brush is also amazing. Even though it's a small brush, the quality of the bristles is soft and expensive. It's not one of those brushes you would never use. I love it. It's softer than a lot of my nice brushes and it applies the blush perfectly. This is also one of my new all-time favorite products. I think this color especially would look good on everyone. You can wear it lightly or build it up if need be. There is no smell. And...it looks perfect with the shadow on your eyes. Very balanced. I also love love the packaging. 

I also received to nail polishes....NAIL COLOR EX in the colors P-34 Deep Purple and EX-07 Purple Gray. I haven't used the Deep Purple color yet, but I have Purple Gray on right now. OMG (again)....this is the most amazing shade. It looks like a muddy gray purple brown with little lovely teeeeeeny sparkles in it. It looks expensive like Chanel limited shades do. Like something Lisa Eldridge would wear. The polish does chip kind of easily which I dislike, but no matter. I am still hooked on it. My current favorite. I've been wearing it for a week and I will repurchase if it runs out! See some shots of my nails below...in sunlight, it looks much more purple. But I'm def not a purple nail polish person. Even so, this works for me because it is sophisticated and rich looking or more witchy looking. It doesn't look like a cheap purple polish color is what I'm trying to say.

purple gray on left and deep purple on the right

Not amazing shots, but you can kind of tell what it looks like on my nails...

purple gray...natural light without flash

purple gray...with flash

I hope you're as excited to read this as I was to post it! You can also see some of the other colors and products from this collection here (the lipsticks look amazing!)...Just wait until tomorrow's PART TWO post with the fashion show shots that happened for the debut of this collection featuring girls styled by Masayo Kishi! You will die...they look amazing. And I'll share the story behind the collection more in that post, too. See you tomorrow! (Thanks again, Masayo!) xx

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