I have too much to write about and I'm so behind. ESPECIALLY on makeup and skincare for the Monday posts. I'm so sorry things have been up and down on here. I think I lost a lot of google readers because I had already switched over to Blogtrottr way before Bloglovin' gave me an option to transfer the Google Feedburner subscribers onto their platform. Sadly, I don't know who will notice and who won't. Spread the word if you can about it. But there's lots to cover...so, let's get to it....

First I want to say I had the best time in Seattle. An awesome business meeting that I hope pans out to something fantastic (i.e. I move there!). Getting there, though, was a bit of a challenge, as my plane was late and I missed my connection. What should have been a 3-hour tour turned into an 11-hour  journey. I was okay with it, aside from the older Palm Spring-ers who kept complaining in the line around me. And, my skin and especially my eyes were really hurting. I've traveled so much in my life that I can put things together in a minute. For some odd reason, though, this time I totally forgot to put my eye cream (or hand cream or any cream) in my carry-on and I also didn't bring a jacket (which I was lucky I didn't need because it was so warm there). Because I missed my flight, I was redirected to another flight...and this one was in the international section of the airport...! WOOHOO! Turn the corner and everything is so much nicer than domestic (Why do they do that??? Domestic should be just as nice and why doesn't Sephora open a shop in the airports, too??? There should also be nail shops in there! Why don't people think of these things???) First store on the block was Gucci...hellllo....! But that's not what I was looking for. I was on a mission (after I checked in at my terminal) to find the duty free beauty shop...and I did! Though I had to pay tax, I didn't mind. It was so fun to just go in and look around and pick up some cream...I already wrote about the other item I got L'Occitane Concentrated Almond Milk Cream....which smells like cologne to me now sadly). The other item I decided to get (because they did not carry Chantecaille) was the Lancôme Rénergie Multiple Action Eye Care Duo...I had wanted to try this for some time. 

For years, Rénergie was the only eye cream I could use. It was the only thing that didn't irritate my skin. This little pot, however, comes with a bonus, an SPF highlighter of sorts. It says it's a treatment on the box, but I don't quite get that. You're supposed to dab on a bit of the eye cream and then RIGHT AFTER that, use the bit in the compact on the top in the corners, inner and outer, in the dark crevices, on the brow bone. It's very nice actually. It felt like heaven on the plane (even though you're technically not supposed to open the duty free stuff up until you land at your destination). It also has a little mirror in the top, which is highly useful during travel!

Here's what it says it will do for you:
...a unique combination of two treatments for six visible anti-aging actions. Eyelids are visibly lifted. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is virtually erased. The eye contour looks firmer. Under-eye bags are visibly deflated. Dark circles appear faded. The eye contour looks illuminated.The eye area is visibly revitalized. In just 4 weeks, the whole face looks up to 5 years younger.

It's a little pricey, at around $75, but I loved the feeling it gave my sad tired dry eyes after so much airport time. The skin beneath my eyes felt saved. And it was perfect for the meeting the next day; it never went dry on me. :) 

So, thus far, I love it. I also love the packaging, except the bottom is plastic and not glass. And for $75, they should be putting it in glass, honey.

more makeup monday ♥ revlon colorstay whipped cream makeup

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