Yea! I was so excited to see that the master, Christian Lacroix, was back in action and doing something new to showcase his crazy talents (I hate the big business people who don't use him because they think he doesn't appeal to the younger crowd...not everyone who has money is young!)...I guess he was asked to "honor" Elsa Schiaparelli with an 18-piece collection that paid homage to the other master. I read that Lacroix is doing theater work and this is just a one-off. Which makes me sad as I would love to see his work back in action and back on during Paris Fashion Week. :( But I'll settle for this. I'm so happy I own a couple of things by him when his fashion house was a live. One being a gift from a friend...a really amazing pair of metallic cherry pumps with gold heels. 

To see all the pieces, click here...

amazingly fun.

just gorgeous.


i would love this dress.

this is my favorite look.

Some of the detail work...amazing!

more friday fantasy ♥ let the games begin

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