Now, everyone knows on Nancy Girl that I have a love for Eley Kishimoto, even though it's not always totally my aesthetic. But as an art director (which I also am), some of the textiles are amazing and having a little dress or some socks or a sweatshirt with some of their graphics is just awesome and timeless. I go to the site every so often to see what they have going on over there...(I've also got an interview I did with the duo when they were in charge of Cacharel...but I can't find it on this Mac...as soon as I do, I'll post it up here). I wanted to showcase some of the current collection, but also let you know that most of it is ON SALE! Lucky us! Check it out here.

cute dress and shoes

cute romper

i want this tunic/mini dress!

i also really want this tunic/dress

i never wear things like this...in these light colors...but i love this dress with those shoes...

i like this one, too.  and those high socks!

cutte cute romper!

i love every piece in this.

i want this sweatshirt.

i never wear short heels like this. it's either high or flat...but i love this print!

more tuesday tailor ♥ oldest bra ever found

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