YEA!!! So sometime last week I found a very interesting little box in the mail addressed to NANCY GIRL...from CHANEL! I used to get all kinds of samples from Chanel when I was an editor for Oyster magazine. But I haven't gotten anything from them in years. I was excited to see what it was.

i love seeing this little box from Chanel addressed to Nancy Girl!

I was super excited to find out it was cosmetics! And a special preview! Woohoo! Nancy Girl, girl...you have arrived!

Upon opening up the little bits, I see it's part of the new LES BEIGES (lay-bashe) compact collections, which I have heard about from YouTubers overseas. But I didn't really understand what it was about until I noticed that image of Gisele all bronzed up and glowing...

there's the tiny sample in the bottom of the box

And I was even more excited to see the sample is actually a tiny miniature compact, a replica of the big ones...HELLLLOOOOO, CHANEL...(that's a quote from PARTY GIRL with Parker Posey)....!!!

how cute is this? it's tiny. a little bigger than a quarter. like a large coin...love it! will love it forever!

Upon opening up the compact, I notice the color is a bit...dark...for me. So, I'm confused. Is this an overall powder? Or a bronzer? Or is this just too dark for me? I don't know. But it's still nice looking and feels good and silky.

No. 40. maybe too dark for me...hmmmm.

Here's the back for you in case you need to see it. Though, it's hard to get the camera to focus on text that small!

Here's the deal...I think this broke me out. I've stopped using it to see if the break outs subside because I only broke out where I used this. Other than that (and if you don't have a reaction to it), it's a gorgeous bronzy color and looks amazing on the skin. I mean, I LOVED how it looked. I don't know if this would ever replace my Chanel cream bronzer (Soleil de Tan de Chanel or something), but I do love it. I just think it's breaking me out. The color of the powder looks pretty nice as a bronzer, but I would never use this all over my face. It also has a great texture. Lovely texture. So give it a try if you think you dare. If you don't have any reaction, I am sure you will love it. Too bad not everyone gets these lovely little samples. I hope Chanel sends me more!  And PS...this product just launched in the US or launches in August. But if you're overseas, you prob already know about this. If you've used this, please leave a comment and let us know how you liked it. xx

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Unknown said...

Ohh man I would have DIED receiving that in the mail! You're so lucky! Such a shame it broke you out. Still, not many people can say they've had Chanel mail!
Sinéad xo | fabuleuse, toujours ♥

montronix said...

:) thx...yeah. i was happy about it. i have gotten loads of lovely things when i was a big magazine editor. but it feels good that this silly little blog is now getting the goods from places like CHANEL. i was excited about it, too. i'm going to the doctor soon to see what's going on with this break out. it's definitely a reaction. and it was all over where i put the bronzer. but i'll try it again after i get meds or whatever for the current skin issue.
you will love the post i do on the new bits i got from rmk and shu uemura! i am in love with this rmk nail polish!!!

thanks again for your comment and for reading, sinead! you're such a pretty girl and i love your outfits of the day! xxxmandana