I have to really say (again) that it is without a doubt that Giles Deacon is one of my super favorite designers and I so so so so look forward every collection to seeing what he'll unveil. The boy's got some style YO. I don't really care what anyone says...you see loads of people...the masses...loving the regular players. But it's the select few who will follow and wear and invest in anything Giles. Why hasn't someone given him one of the big houses to oversee yet? (Well, I mean aside from that Ungaro fiasco.) For the Resort 2014 collection, Giles has some pretty fun shots in the lookbook, some great textiles that remind me of 80's New York train graffiti (and the 80's in general) and this print that I'm guessing is either tennis balls (seeing that there are so many tennis dresses) OR macarons? :)

if i saw this girl somewhere, i'd think she was a cool girl who didn't give a F what anyone thought

cute cute tennis dress. cute pistachio color

such a great very new york print to me. looks like a gallery girl

i want this dress. :)

so girly and tongue in cheek this one.

i want this dress, too!

i want this, too! what a great summer vacation dress!!! with big hat or hair scarf and big glasses.

i want this dress, too!!

i would take the top alone. i'm petite enough that it would work as a dress on me.

more girl friday ♥ buffalo gals style part 1

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