YEA! I was waiting to see if Marc would reveal RESORT for this collections. He doesn't always. I've been really busy as of late with fun stuff and not-so-fun stuff, and I just had a glance to see if they posted the lookbook images and they have. Looks very rich, very rich girl that is. I have a girlfriend who's a little bit older and has been married to a very cool athlete (involves a board)...she has very good taste but of course they're punk rock. And sometimes some of the things she wears look kind of old lady hippy to me. Right down to those sort of Birkenstocks. HAHA. In a good way of course. She always looks money and this Marc Jacobs Resort 2014 collection looks just like her. I especially love all the 1920's beach looks that remind us all of Chanel so much (hmmmm...makes me wonder if he's starting to campaign to eventually take the brand over perhaps?)

i love that cushy sweater cover up thing. would be great if you were by the beach and it started to get cold. love love.

chanel anyone?

more tuesday tailor ♥ versace for h&m

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