I just got a couple of cool Ricky's New York makeup brushes to review...and they look pretty cool. First of all, for those of you who know nothing about Ricky's New York, take note...it's a place you must visit when you got to New York. I mean, everyone wants to go to the famous New York spots, which is good. But then they go to...Sephora in Times Square???? GAG! I mean, go to the places that are inherently very very New York. The first time I went to New York was in the early 1990's...I was a teenager and it was my first time flying by myself. The East Village was still scary, Pat Field's and Trash and Vaudeville were king on St Mark's Place and I wasn't allowed to walk anywhere downtown alone. I remember Ricky's then like I remember all the Kim's Video shops (another sadly old memory of the old crazy radical Downtown New York). So, for me, whenever I hear the name or see the shop (Ricky's beauty shop), I feel a good real sense of New York City and how it was. They carry everything plus some. 

So when I was asked to review these brushes, I was stoked! I hope they sell a ton of them. Now, I haven't used them yet. So this is just a quick intro. But I'll write something after I've used them after a bit. I only got two to use and one of them isn't a brush I typically use in my makeup routine. But I'm going to give it a go. In Ricky's New York playful fashion, they are called "paintbrushes" and they're colored by number, sort of. They look pretty nice (though I wish they were made in the USA and not China)...and they feel good, too. They're priced pretty well, too, methinks. 

The first one I got is the FLAT PADDLE FOUNDATION BRUSH #31. I think it's synthetic, but I'm waiting for an email from the PR girl to let me know. OK...she just wrote back and they're both synthetic. But I have to say that they are well made enough that I wouldn't immediately know they weren't made with real hair! I'm actually a little surprised. That makes me like them even more. 

The second brush they sent me is a teeny tiny ANGLED LINER BRUSH #14. But I'll probably use that for my eyebrows...it's a great brush. I haven't used it yet, but I love it so far. it looks perfect. Perfectly tiny and very stiff and I don't see any loose hairs. Which always makes an angled brush fail. 


More soon on these. You can look through all the Ricky's New York Paintbrushes here...they have a lot to choose from! 

And def if you're visiting in NYC, don't just go to Sephora! Go to Ricky's.

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