I just had to share this channel. I think another YouTuber I watch spread the love and suggested we go check out ALL DOLLED UP's channel and wow...I love her! I have a load of new loves that I will share with you. I can see that I am still the same little tween I was...I still love and look for those same girls that I looked up to when I was like 11. And this girl (named Sarah, methinks) from All Dolled Up is amazing. She has great style. She's for real. She's really inspirational. And she loves the 1960's...just like me...duh. :) I usually post the videos above the text on Sundays. But I wanted to explain some stuff before you watched the vids. Below is the first video I saw where she is wearing the Bart Simpson outfit, which might be JCDC if my memory serves me right. Or a knock off. :) And then there's a tour of her closet. So fun. She's so cute and she has a different look in almost every single channel. She sounds really smart. AND she has an amazing Motorhead biker jacket. (So that means I am probably going to make my publisher send her my Heavy Metal novel!)...

Happy Sunday!xx

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