I really love everything that Delfina Delettrez does and designs...not just because she's part of the amazing Fendi family, but because she has a distinct voice of her own and her work is always fun and playful but reminds me so much of the Surrealist movement in Paris in the 1920s (this is includes Coco Chanel and Peggy Guggenheim)...if you can view her work that way, it takes on a much larger landscape, so to speak. Pieces become even more special than just a fun design for a shoe or a bag or a ring. 

These pieces are from Dover Street Market and I love a lot of them. They'd be such a great/special piece as a gift for someone you know who is super into fashion/style and has everything. 

Eye And Pearl Single Earring
Mouth And Pearl Earring
To Bee Or Not To Bee Earring
Cartoon Eye Single Earring
Cartoon Eye Ring

so surreal. so 1920s

Two Skull Ring

Bad Spotted Crown Frog Ring

Bad Frog Ring

Skull And Pearl Single Earring

side view

more saturday shopping ♥ shoes shoes

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